Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd

Our O & M Partners

Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd are committed to providing a quality, precise and cost effective solar farm cleaning solution for solar farm owners and O & M teams throughout the UK.

Solar Cleaning

Increasing Performance

They are equipped with specialist mechanical solar farm cleaning equipment, they know how to clean solar farms safely and effectively and have positioned themselves so that they can offer a high quality, professional solar farm cleaning service at a cost effective price. They are fully insured specifically for solar farm cleaning. 

Why is solar farm cleaning important?  Solar panel cleaning keeps your warranty in tact, helps your solar panels produce maximum output and, most importantly, increases your return on investment! 

Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd are able to meet your solar farm cleaning requirements. they are able to provide anything from a one off clean to a 25 year contract. Get in touch to find out more! 

Ground Maintenance

Operations and Management

We offer a full solar farm maintenance service for medium to large scale solar farm projects.  Prior to the solar panels being installed we work with our clients to provide all aspects of ecological and physical landscaping. This can include the initial site clearance, ecological mitigation and enhancement through to final landscaping and ongoing grounds maintenance.

Grass Cutting

Mowing in and around the solar array using our specialist machinery.  We are able to mechanically mow in-between the tight rows of 1.7 metres.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting and surrounding tree works/surveys.  This enables site security to be maintained and will stop solar panel shading.

Habitat Management

Implementation of habitat management plans, which can include the planting of native wildflowers and the installation of beehives, reptile habitats and bat boxes onsite.

Weed Control

Spraying and weed control – blanket and spot spraying, keeping weeds under control.

We are able to provide flexible contracts from a one off cut to long term grounds maintenance management.

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