The Renewable Energy Company

Genatec Ltd is a renewable energy company formed in 2009 to manage the design, planning and operation of medium to large scale renewable energy projects in the UK and Ireland.

Between 2009 and 2011 we provided technical services to energy companies, landowners, homeowners and community groups within the renewable energy sector and in turn built up a wide knowledge base within our company. Since 2011 we have expanded into self investment projects which mainly consist of wind and solar power above 500kW.


We offer an exciting opportunity for landowners to diversify their business and generate a substantial additional income stream at absolutely no expense to them. Our approach allows landowners to make the most of their land with generous rental rates and success payments along with opportunities to be involved with flexible operation and maintenance contracts. 

Our Approach

We design our projects around the landowner’s requirements and understand how to integrate renewable energy into agriculture without creating unnecessary disturbance.

Our honest and open approach ensures landowners are fully aware of all aspects of the renewable energy project they are hosting and benefit from our continued commitment to provide a personal and efficient service.

Along with our team we use a network of expert consultants who have many years experience within the renewable energy sector.